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The fight for workers' rights


This is a prosperous country - our economy is strong and we have a way of life that is the envy of many in the world - yet our government fails to support workers, instead removing their rights, allowing them to be sacked with no come back, and lower working wages. Why? So that corporate Australia can make even more money and pay its executives even more ridiculous salaries? This should be a time to invest in social infrastructure, not make the lot of working families harder.

Big business wants these so called "reforms" of industrial laws so it can increase it profits by making people work harder for less. These are ideologically driven reforms that would give bosses more or less unfettered control over workers. These changes are an attack on human rights of Australians.

The changes will hit hardest those least advantaged in our society - young people, women, those in low paid work, casuals and temporary workers.

The Greens believe that workplace laws should be fair, protect all workers from unjust treatment, promote industrial harmony and enable us to organise collectively to negotiate fair pay and conditions.

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