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Facing up to climate change


Lobbyists for the big polluters are crawling the halls of Parliament every day, but ordinary voters haven't had the same access or influence. Until now.

The Rudd Government was elected with a mandate to face up to climate change. Yet the legislation they've created locks in climate failure. It currently promises $16 billion to polluters, penalises ordinary Australians for reducing their emissions and sets pollution reduction targets way too low to stop climate change: just 5% by 2020.

The Greens Senators are facing up to climate change with the Safe Climate Bill. Now it's your turn - how will you face up?

The Government's CPRS Bill already failed once, and it's up for a re-vote in November.

Right now the fossil fuel industry lobbyists are the ones with the access and influence to be seen. We want to change that. After all, the Rudd government works for you, not the polluters, and they need your vote come election time next year!

Upload your photo at to take a stand for climate action that counts. We will take the photos and messages from your electorate and personally deliver them to your local MP and the Prime Minister as a greeting card and CD.

It's time to put your face directly in front of the Prime Minister and your local MP.

Upload your photo to tell Kevin Rudd and his MPs that they work for you, not the big polluters, and you've given him a mandate to actually tackle the climate crisis, not lock in failure.

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