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Ex-pollies appointed to AAT to hear appeals related to income support doesn’t pass pub test

Liberal party mates such as former politicians and party affiliates appointed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal does not bode well for people appealing Centrelink decisions on income support.

“The way we have seen this Government go after people on income support is deeply disturbing, and as a result some people appeal to the AAT. Now the Government has appointed some of its Liberal mates to that very body” Senator Rachel Siewert said.  

“They try and make it as difficult as possible for people to obtain a payment and when and if they finally manage to get through the opaque Centrelink bureaucracy, they could get pursued relentlessly through the robodebt program or have their payment suspended for not meeting some draconian mutual obligation.

“This Government’s disdain for people accessing our social safety net is clear.

“It is difficult for people to have faith in these new politically affiliated appointees to give people on income support the fair hearing and natural justice they deserve with this Government’s track record. 

“We have heard this week at Estimates that appeals to the AAT in regards to the DSP have increased by 77% and those relating to Newstart by 41%.

“There should be a completely independent body.

“This is a Government in its dying days trying to give their mates a job and hold onto its punitive ideological agenda that punishes people on income support.


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