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Estimates reveals that under demerit point system for job seekers you could lose more than one point or all seven in one go

Estimates has revealed that job seekers accessing income support could lose more than one demerit point at a time depending on their perceived level of compliance. 

“The Government tried to make out that the demerit point system gave people more chances, but you can lose more than one demerit point at a time or all seven points in one go depending on what a staff member decides.  

“This punitive job-at-any-cost approach could hurt people struggling to get by and struggling with many barriers to employment.

“I have huge concerns that this is open to interpretation and could leave people losing demerit points unfairly.    

“People need individual supports and wrap around services that will help them gain and retain work, this punitive approach will likely do more harm than good. 

“This is another policy decision by a Government ruling from their ivory tower”. 

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