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Estimates reveals that one third of Centrelink reviews relate to DSP

Questions to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal at Estimate yesterday revealed that one third of Centrelink cases the tribunal is reviewing  are related to the Disability Support Pension.

"In 2017/2018 there was a total of 10 913 reviews regarding Centrelink lodged, 3610 of which were on the Disability Support Pension.

"Lodgements relating to decisions about disability support pension continued to be the most common type of application, comprising 33 per cent of all Centrelink lodgements.

"In the first quarter of 18/19 we are seeing the same trend of Disability Support Pension reviews.

"For the first quarter of 18/19 there were 3,189 overall finalisations, 1059 of which were related to the Disability Support Pension with 170 cases being set aside.

"The number of DSP cases being reviewed by the AAT is out of proportion to the number of people accessing this payment given that in March 2018 there were 758,634 on DSP – 750, 412 on Newstart and 2,476,024 people accessing the Aged Pension.

"The overhaul of the eligibility criteria and new assessment process has meant that not only are people being thrown off the DSP onto the lower Newstart payment, but there is great difficulty in accessing the payment."

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