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Estimates raises human rights concern and lack of consultation on drug testing income support recipients

Questioning in estimates has revealed that the Disability Discrimination Commissioner has some concerns for the potential for human rights in relation to drug testing of income support applicants, and that the Government did not seek any advice from the Australian Human Rights Commission on the matter. 

“A lot of people in the community share the concerns of the Commissioner”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today. 

“He has taken on notice the question about more details of his concerns. I have deep concerns that this measure is discriminatory.

"It is incredible that the Government did not go to the Australian Human Rights Commission for advice on whether drug testing for income support recipients and the changing of disability impairment tables are discriminatory.

“It is essential that the Government carries out due diligence when it is bringing in measures which significantly impacts on people, we do not want people with disability being discriminated against. 

“There is clearly a pattern of shoot from the hip policy where proper advice is not sought. I expect better from our lawmakers. 

“The Greens have also flagged that it is a breach of civil liberties from the beginning. It should be dumped, we should not be picking on people struggling with addiction”. 

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