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Estimates confirms that federal funding for Roe 8 in limbo

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 17 Oct 2016


The Department of Infrastructure has today confirmed in senate estimates that Federal Government funding for Roe 8 will be withheld until stage one and two Project Proposal Reports are completed and assessed.

“Today the Federal Government has confirmed that for funding to be provided, both Project Proposal Reports for stages one and two of the project must be completed and assessed”, Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“This is significant because we know that Government has not seen a Project Proposal Report for stage two, the contentious 3 km tunnel proposed to run under White Gum Valley, from Stock Road-Winterfold Road intersection to the Stirling Highway-High Road junction. Federal funding for Roe 8 is effectively in limbo.

“We also confirmed Stage 3 – the most important part of the entire project which will take the traffic from Stirling Highway bridge to the Port still remains a mystery.

“With the Premier recently shelving plans for Stage 2 until after the election, we have now confirmed that not one cent of federal funding will be forthcoming for this disastrous project in the near future.

“The Government also couldn’t answer my question about how many projects it has provided funding worth more than $100m without a business case. This is despite this question being asked by my colleague Senator Scott Ludlam seven weeks ago.

“The coalition made an election promise that projects worth over $100m would not be approved until a business case had been submitted. The highly contentious and secretive projects like the Perth Freight Link is an examples where billions have been committed to – without so much as a business case.

“It is time for the Government to admit that this was an empty promise and provide answers that Senator Ludlam asked seven weeks ago. They have had enough time to compile this information. The public deserves to know how many of these disastrous projects are on the books.”

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