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Environment Minister fails to address Roe 8 concerns

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 23 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens have criticised the WA Government's approval of the Roe 8 development, saying Environment Minister Albert Jacob has failed to properly consider appeals against the damaging project.

"WA Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren was one of a number of people who appealed the approval of the Roe 8 development, and it is clear that in fast-tracking his response, Minister Jacob is ignoring due process," Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens Senator for WA said today.

"The Minister has not dealt with key issues, including the inadequacy of offsets, degradation to the quality of the wetlands and surrounding vegetation and the fact that the EPA made its decision before the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Perth and Peel has been completed. This development will also see the destruction of habitat for Carnaby's Cockatoo and the Red Tailed Forest Cockatoo, further endangering the survival of these species

"The government hasn't even determined where the environmental offsets will be. The proponent's original response to submissions acknowledged that no sites 'were deemed suitable for mitigation of all the project impacts'.

"This is a damaging, wasteful development that overlooks rail options for reducing congestion and pollution without destroying native bush and the Beeliar Wetlands.

"It is very cloak and dagger for the Government to sneak this approval out today, to avoid scrutiny ahead of Christmas, it's a shameful show from the Minister and the Government.

"Minister Jacobs should revoke this decision immediately," Senator Siewert concluded.



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