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This election is a chance to send a message the regions shouldn’t be taken for granted: Greens

The Greens (WA) have today pitched to voters in Kalgoorlie that this election is a chance to use their vote to send a message to the major parties that their vote can’t be taken for granted.

“People living in regional areas such as Kalgoorlie need a representative in Parliament that puts community first, not their big donors,” Greens Senator for WA  Rachel Siewert said.

 “I’m engaged with people in the community who are on the cashless debit card every day. People are calling my office from around Australia with the problems and issues they are having even using the card and detailing how difficult the card is making their life. I’ll be meeting with community campaigners and people on the card while I’m here. 

“The Government and ALP colluded just weeks ago to extend the so-called cashless debit card trials for another year in the Goldfields.

“The Greens are the only party going to the election with a clear position on income management.

“The cashless debit card is a waste of public money – this money could have been spent on targeted services for regional and remote communities, which I know Kalgoorlie sorely needs.

“Compulsory Income Management in all its various forms should be abandoned and the resources invested in approaches that are therapeutic, individualised and are genuinely supported by the community.

“Since 2012 the major parties have accepted over $100 million from corporations.

“With the constant revolving door between lobbyists, mining executives and the major political parties and big donations it is not hard to see why projects like the Yeelirie Uranium Mine get approval one day before an election is announced, against the recommendation of the EPA while the approval is also being fought in the Supreme Court.

“Current WA law prevents the transport of radioactive waste, or the dumping of it, and there is no plan to deal with the obscene amounts of waste that this mine would create.

“This mine will have devastating consequences for the environment and Government has ignored the wishes of Traditional Owners. We will fight this decision as we have fought uranium mining in WA for decades."

Greens candidate for O’Connor Nelson Blake Gilmour said

“I’m excited to travel across O’Connor this week and participate in candidate forums in Esperance, Kalgoorlie and Mount Barker and engage with our community on what’s important to them.

“People in the regions are sick of being taken for granted by the two major parties and the Greens have a real plan for our region that is forward thinking and transformative.

“We have also announced our plan to create more than 24,165 jobs for Western Australia by rapidly transitioning to clean energy. More than 24,000 full-time jobs would be created in Western Australia under the Greens plan to rapidly transform Australia’s energy system to renewables by 2030. 

“The Greens are the only party who have opposed the punitive social experiment that is the cashless debit card, every single step of the way. Income management is a failed measure.”

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