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DSS unable to provide data on cashless card repeatedly cited by Minister Tudge to media outlets

The Department of Social Services have said in estimates that they have not produced a report with evidence of the cashless welfare card working so far, despite the Minister Tudge repeatedly citing figures to media about the card’s alleged success.

“Repeatedly over the last few months we have seen the Minister drip feed mostly anecdotal data to media as a means of promoting the cashless welfare card trials.  We have also seen media that mentions a ‘confidential report’.

“In estimates I asked the Department to table the results so far that the Minister has been quoting to media. They could not provide that evidence. When further pressed, the Department said there was ‘no report’

“The Department explained that ‘trends’ that might emerge provided by State counterparts have been given to the Minister, he has also met with leaders on the ground who have given anecdotal feedback on how the card is going.

“I have major concerns that this data being given to national media outlets is piecemeal, is largely anecdotal and given the lack of a report can't be interrogated.

“The Department has taken on notice to look at what information is available and I look forward to seeing it in its entirety”.


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