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DobSeeker line is a farce

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 8 Jun 2021

The Greens say Minister Robert’s latest release on the DobSeeker hotline confirms that it is just more Government funded intimidation of people on income support. 


This attempt to once again demonise people looking for work is despicable. There are 1.14 million people looking for work and the Minister is making a big deal of a few hundred calls that are still being ‘investigated’. This demonising has to stop.

The mutual obligations system is a vicious cycle of intimidation and paper pushing.
Every month businesses have to deal with 17 million job applications, despite there being just 243,500 jobs available. 
Come July that will go up to 23 million per month when people on JobSeeker have to apply for 20 jobs per month. 
At the end of the day Minister Robert needs to take responsibility for his Government's policies and the impact it has. People lose their only income if you don’t put in 15 job applications per month. 
It’s because of the Government's rules that businesses are having to deal with so many applications, but of course Mr Robert is just going to use it as an opportunity to attack people on income support.

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Lucy Cowcher-Guthrie: 0418 401 180

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