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Discussions of the living wage must include unemployed workers on Newstart

Discussions of a “living wage” have to include unemployed workers who are living in poverty on payments as low as $40 a day, Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“It’s time that we recognised that unemployed workers are workers too.

“We need to change the law so that if you work full-time, you’re not in poverty and if you’re out of work  you’re also not living in poverty.

“There is no fair-go when unemployed workers are living on payments as low as $40 a day.

“Unemployed workers have waited 25 years for an increase to Newstart.

“Mr Shorten should not be talking about a “review” of the rate of Newstart when the evidence from experts is that an increase is urgently needed.  

  “The ALP cannot say they are committed to lifting  people out of poverty if they aren’t committed to increasing Newstart urgently.”

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