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Damaging political game of pitting groups against each other is electioneering at its worst

Politics has stooped so low that the Government is now pitting people in our community against each other to win votes, Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“Earlier this week it was disabled people vs. farmers, now it’s pensioners vs. people looking for work.

 “Wasn’t it Mr Morrison, who as Treasurer was strongly pushing raising the pension age to 70?

"I recall questions over that at Estimates just last week.

“This is electioneering at its ugliest. We can afford to ensure that older Australians have the supports they need AND raise Newstart if we stopped subsidising mining and closed tax loopholes for big corporations.

“If we don’t help people now, we will just end up with a generation retiring into poverty. A large number of people on income support are older Australians who have had to use their savings before they could even get Newstart and now they struggle in poverty on $38 a day and will retire with no savings.

“What is also alarming is that older Australians are one of the groups facing some of the biggest barriers to work.

“So in this warped version of reality pensioners are deserving but older Australians struggling to find work and approaching pension ages are not."

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