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COVID Committee reveals Treasury were not asked to do any modelling on providing the COVID supplement for people on DSP or carer payment

Questions to the Treasury during the Select Committee on COVID-19 hearing today revealed that they were not asked to and nor did they do any modelling on providing the COVID supplement to people on DSP and carer payments. 

"At the moment, people on DSP and carer payments are feeling left behind by this Government and this is not good enough.

"Disabled people and their carers should not be living below the poverty line which is what is happening with the increase in their essential living costs. 

"I am calling on the Government to treat disabled people and carers in the same way they have treated the rest of the community and increase the DSP and carer payment to cope with the additional costs resulting from the pandemic. 

"If you speak to anyone on these payments its quite obvious that additional support is urgently needed for Disability Support Pensioners through this crisis. 

"Disabled people report going without food and medicine due to the additional costs associated with this crisis including food delivery, health care, medical supplies, personal protective equipment, transport, and utility bills. 

"Costs and barriers have increased, not decreased, due to the COVID-19 pandemic."
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