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Commonwealth Control of Water is No Answer

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 3 Jun 2006

Giving the Commonwealth control over water resources won't solve the water crisis in Australia – according to Senator Rachel Siewert, spokesperson on water for the Australian Greens.


"While I have sympathy for Senator Bill Heffernan's frustration over the appalling state of our water resources, giving control to the Commonwealth is not the answer."


"One of the major issues facing the Murray River is climate change – this will affect not only water allocation to farmers, but is a grave threat to environmental flows in the Murray."


"The Commonwealth has an appalling record on climate change."


"Just recently when the CSIRO released their latest report on risks to the Murray and identified climate change as one of the biggest, the Minister for Agriculture Peter McGauran basically accused them of scaremongering."


"The Commonwealth has a poor environmental record. It doesn't have the resource management experience. Giving them control of water resources is nonsense," said Senator Siewert.


"What they need to do is show some leadership on this issue.'

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