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Coalition Agriculture policy demonstrates lack of understanding

The Australian Greens today slammed the Coalition's policy on Agriculture, which was released today.
Greens Spokesperson on Agriculture, Senator Rachel Siewert said: "This policy demonstrates their lack of understanding of the most serious issue affecting the future of agriculture: climate change."

"The only vague reference to climate change in the coalition media release is the statement that they have 'worked with our farmers – not only to support them through the worst drought on record – but to make sure they're positioned to capitalise on a return to normal weather patterns'," said Senator Siewert.

"The best help that they can give farmers in Western Australia is to acknowledge the reality that climate change will have a potentially devastating impact on farms and that we are unlikely to return to 'normal weather patterns'.

"The Greens have been successful in referring this issue to a Senate Committee so that we can examine issues such as the scientific evidence available on the likely future climate of Australia's key agricultural production zones and its implications for current farm enterprises and possible future industries," said Senator Siewert.

"In addition, the inquiry will look at the need for a national strategy to assist Australian agricultural industries to adapt to climate change"

"It is the Greens who are looking after the long term interests of farmers, not the Coalition, whose head in the sand attitude to climate change will condemn the future for farmers in Western Australia."

"I look forward to working with the Greens' Lead Senate candidate for WA Scott Ludlam if he is elected to the Senate, to develop a range of strategies to assist Western Australian farmers," Rachel Siewert concluded.

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