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Coalition’s Landcare plan back to the Future

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 26 Aug 2013

The Australian Greens said today that new ideas and commitments are few and far between in the Coalition's plan to merge Landcare and Caring For Our Country.

"It appears the Coalition don't get the concept of Natural Resource Management and are moving us backwards," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens Agriculture and NRM spokesperson said today.

"Landcare is very important and the Greens support operational funding for state and national Landcare networks. However I'm very concerned that the huge progress made in areas such as NRM planning, landscape scale re-vegetation, threatened species protection will be lost with this move backwards to direct all funding through the prism of a National Landcare Program.

"There's a lot of smoke and mirrors here, there's not much to provide the security and certainty that NRM groups need.

"I'm concerned about the impact of efforts to stitch these organisations back together and the effect this will have on existing regional plans, catchment management plans and strategic plans. The strong progress made by NRM groups in these areas cannot be lost in the bureaucracy of this announcement.

"It is also unfortunate that money will now need to be wasted on merging these programs back together when their administration has only just been separated. This money would be far better spent delivering on-the-ground outcomes," Senator Siewert concluded.



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