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Citizenship test a grave insult

Prime Minister Howard's new citizenship test is an insult to Aboriginal Australians and to the hundreds of thousands of committed, hard-working Australians who do not claim British ancestry.

Among the values laid out in the draft copy of the Government's new citizenship guidelines are tolerance and compassion, freedom of speech and a respect for Australia's British heritage.

"What about respect for the first Australians and their living culture?"

"Will there be questions about the first true Australians?"

"Following hot on the heels of the paternalistic intervention into Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, this harking back to old mother England sounds too much like a return to the white Australia policy of the 1950's," she said.

"This is a serious error of judgement."

"Australians have embraced a multicultural Australia and have family and friends from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. That is the sense of identity and diversity that makes our Nation great."

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