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Centrelink’s failure to support survivors of domestic violence is yet another example of Government policy exacerbating stress of vulnerable people  

The National Social Security Rights Network report into how our income support system is failing survivors of domestic violence is yet another example of how this Government is failing our community.

“Our income support system is just so outdated. It is based on outdated assumptions about gender, it has not modernised its approach to workforce and or family structures, Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services said today.

“It’s 2018.  There has been thorough and in-depth research on domestic violence and it is well known that financial control is a common form of covert violence and abuse. It is shameful that women are now being pursed for their former partners crimes.

“Why is this not reflected in social policy and our income support system?

“The Minister has to take action to rectify this immediately. Women and their children should not be punished and condemned into further poverty because of financial abuse and our income support system.

“The social security system should be a safety net for survivors of family violence, not a poverty trap,” Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens spokesperson for women said."

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