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Centre Alliance capitulate to Government on Cashless Debit Card and don’t even bother to turn up to vote 

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 9 Dec 2020

Centre Alliance have hoodwinked and mislead the people of South Australia and those on the Cashless Debit Card. They’ve assured voters for weeks now they would not support this racist, punitive Bill and tonight they flipped on that promise, devastating thousands. 

The Cashless Debit Card could have ended tonight. Instead people in the trial sites will be subjected to income management for another 2 years.

This is a heartbreaking outcome for people in the Cashless Debit Card trial sites.

People in Ceduna, the East Kimberly, the Goldfields, Hinkler and the Northern Territory deserve better. 

For Rebecca Sharkie and Senator Griff to back out at the last minute is just heartbreaking and unforgivable. 

This is a shameful dirty deal. 

I am so sorry that this card is continuing. 

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