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Budget cuts end support for 48,000 young people

The Australian Greens have raised concerns over the 48,000 young people and their families who may miss out on important family payments as a result of cost cutting measures in the Federal budget.

The changes will save $360.9 million over four years by reducing the age of eligibility for FTB A, but will leave around 48,000 young people in a position where they do not qualify for Youth Allowances and where their parents will not receive FTB A for them.

“Under the changes, parents of around 48,000 young people will lose eligibility under FTB A, but those young people will not have access to Youth Allowance or other forms of income support,” Greens spokesperson for families and community services, Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“How does the government expect these families and these young people to survive?

“With the increasing cost of rent and the increasing cost of living for low income earners, it is harder for kids to move out of home, meaning parents are continuing to support them for longer periods of time.

“The Government’s actions under the umbrella of sharing the benefits of the boom clearly do not extend to this group.

“I’m very concerned about how these young people and their families will manage in the face of these cuts,” Senator Siewert concluded.

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