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Better health for Australia

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Rachel Siewert 19 Jul 2010
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Everyone has the right to timely, high-quality healthcare. The Greens want to target our health dollars where they will do the greatest good to improve the health of all Australians.

Accessible Affordable Health Care

A wealthy nation like Australia should have a strong and sustainable public health system. The Greens want to target our health dollars to the areas where they will do the greatest good to protect and improve the health of all Australians.

We can greatly reduce health care costs by placing greater emphasis on keeping people well. A smart country like Australia should be training more health professionals - we should be exporting our expertise, not importing doctors from developing countries.

Dental Care for All

We all know how expensive dental services can be, but may not realise that simple untreated dental problems lead to many more patients with chronic diseases in our hospitals.

Denticare is the Australian Greens plan for universal access to non-cosmetic dental care - a sensible expansion of Medicare to treat people sooner and produce better outcomes for all.
This scheme has been fully costed and would be rolled-out gradually over five years.

More Money for Mental Health

Mental illness is a major health issue in our community and must be a fundamental component of national health reform. A range of approaches are needed to keep people well, out of hospital, and to properly manage their illness.

The Greens want a major increase in annual funding, including:
-     $100m for community prevention and recovery centres
-     $150m for early intervention programs
-     $100m for chronic mental illness programs
-    A Minister for Mental Health

The Greens Primary Health Plan

Our health and hospital networks should be organised to support primary health care.

The Greens are proposing a health system built around integrated multi-disciplinary primary health care centres - one-stop-shops where patients get access and referral to an expanded range of services including GPs, dental care, nurse practitioners, allied health and mental health services. These integrated services allow a greater focus on prevention and early intervention, and better targeting of services for high need groups - to keep people healthier and reduce hospital admissions.

The Future

Our vision is to support sensible and progressive improvements to the quality and sustainability of life for all Australians – to help make our country and our world a healthier and better place to live for us and our children.

Read more about the Greens National Health plan here

Click here to download our health brochure.

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