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Bandt announces new parliamentary line-up to kick the Libs out and negotiate shared power

Media Release
Adam Bandt 15 Sep 2021

With the confirmation of new Senator for Western Australia Dorinda Cox today, Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, has put the Greens on election footing with a reshuffle of the Greens’ ‘shadow Ministerial’ portfolios that prioritises the party’s key campaign areas and sets the party up for ‘balance of power’ negotiations in the likely event of a minority Parliament. 

Mr Bandt says the new line-up will give the Greens the best chance of kicking the government out and getting the Greens into balance of power, as well as shifting public attention to the Greens’ election priority areas of levying ‘tycoon taxes’ on billionaires and big corporations to get dental and mental health into Medicare and build more affordable housing while phasing out coal and gas. 

The Greens will also campaign heavily to younger people, focusing on climate, mental health and affordable housing. 

A full list of portfolios is attached below.

“This is the most important election in a generation. It will decide whether we can turn the climate crisis around, make billionaire corporations pay their fair share of tax and fix the housing market, or whether the Liberals will get away with robbing millions of people of their future,” Mr Bandt said.

“The next election will be much closer than people think. We are only a few hundred votes away from kicking Scott Morrison out and putting the Greens in balance of power, where our new Greens line-up will push the next government to go further and faster on climate action, stop skyrocketing economic inequality and tax the billionaires and big corporations.

“The new Greens line-up will focus on phasing out coal and gas, making billionaire corporations pay their fair share of tax, getting dental and mental health into Medicare and building more affordable housing.

“I’m proud to be part of a team that reflects the community we’re fighting for. The future of our country should not be just dictated by yet more old, white men. It’s vital that our political representatives reflect the incredible makeup of our country.

“The public sector has helped get us through the pandemic, and growing publicly-owned renewable energy will be a part of Larissa Waters’ push to kick Pauline Hanson out of the Senate in Queensland and elect Penny Allman-Payne.

“Scott Morrison has completely failed young people, leaving them locked down, locked into low wages, and locked out of housing. As the youngest person in Parliament, Senator Jordon Steele-John will take on both the Health and Youth portfolios as part of the Greens’ fight to get mental health and dental health fully into Medicare, whilst also ensuring that at-risk communities are not left exposed by the government’s flawed vaccination strategy.  

“I’m looking forward to seeing Senator Dorinda Cox tear into West Australia’s mining billionaires, making them pay their fair share of tax and think twice about destroying First Nations culture for profit. Dorinda will join Lidia Thorpe in continuing to put justice for First Nations people and Treaty at the heart of our work in the coming months.

“With the Community Services portfolio, Senator Janet Rice understands best how 227 days of lockdown have pushed many Victorians to breaking point. She’ll be a fierce advocate to make sure there is no poverty in a rich country, building on Senator Rachel Siewert’s incredible legacy. 

“The urgency of rebuilding Australia’s car manufacturing sector has only grown, and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will drive the Greens’ push to make electric vehicles in South Australia, capitalising on the state’s rich renewable energy opportunities and providing sorely needed jobs. Electrifying our transport options will be essential in the fight to reduce climate pollution and stopping dangerous global warming.

“In the crucial state of NSW, where the fight will be between the Greens and One Nation in the Senate, Mehreen Faruqi will lead the campaign to build 1 million new homes for people locked out of housing.

“Nick McKim will continue to lead the charge on getting billionaires and big corporations  to pay their fair share of tax, and Senator Whish-Wilson will continue to lead the fight to protect Tasmania’s forests, rivers and oceans.

“This team builds on the expertise the Greens have brought to Parliament over my time as Leader. The Australian Greens parliamentary team is set to be bigger than we’ve ever been after the next election, and this is the team to get us there.”


Greens Leader
Adam Bandt
Member for Melbourne
• Climate Emergency
• Energy
• Employment & Workplace Relations 
Co-Deputy Leader &
Greens Leader in the Senate
Larissa Waters
Senator for Queensland

• Women
• Democracy (covers Local Government)
• Lead on Climate Emergency & Energy (Senate)
• Public Sector

Co-Deputy Leader, Party Whip &
Greens Deputy Leader in the Senate
Nick McKim
Senator for Tasmania
• Treasury, Finance & Economic Justice
• Immigration & Citizenship 
• Digital Rights, I.T. & NBN
Sarah Hanson-Young
Senator for South Australia
• Arts, Media & Communications
• Environment & Water
• Tourism
• Gambling
• Transport & Infrastructure
Peter Whish-Wilson
Senator for Tasmania
• Agriculture & Rural Affairs 
• Healthy Oceans
• Waste & Recycling
• Consumer Affairs
• Small Business
Party Room Chair
Janet Rice
Senator for Victoria
• Foreign Affairs
• Multiculturalism
• Forests
• Family, Ageing & Community Services
Jordon Steele-John
Senator for Western Australia
• Disability Rights & Services
• Youth
• Peace & Disarmament (covers Defence)
• Nuclear
• Veterans’ Affairs
• Health (including Dental & Mental Health)
Temporary Senate Chair
Mehreen Faruqi
Senator for New South Wales
• Housing
• Education
• Animal Welfare
• Industry
• International Aid & Development
• Anti-Racism
• Lead on Employment & Workplace Relations (Senate)
Lidia Thorpe
Senator for Victoria
• First Nations
• Justice
• Sport
Dorinda Cox
Senator for Western Australia
• Mining & Resources
• Trade
• Science, Research & Innovation


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