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Back off, Bill: There is no “deal” on pensions

Accusations that the Greens want to cut the pension are plainly false, said Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

"There is no deal. Bill Shorten should stop playing politics with pensioners for his own political gain and look at the facts.

"Any suggestion that the Greens want to attack pensioners is plainly false and will cause distress to people already living under significant pressure. Back off, Bill Shorten.

"We need a review because this latest proposal comes after a string of potentially harmful budgetary measures that would dig into the pension through changes to indexation, and changing the retirement age.

"The Australian Greens have long supported Council on the Ageing's (COTA) call for a sensible broad review of retirement income, instead of fragmented changes to the pension proposed by the Abbott government.

"This review should be done comprehensively and must include looking as the assets test and changes to superannuation tax concessions. Concessions to the wealthy come at the expense of equitable assistance for the vulnerable.

"The Australian Greens have opposed the government's proposed pension indexation measure as it will have an unfair impact on pensioners.

"It must also be remembered that the government proposes changes to the indexation of other pensions including DSP and single parents. We will not support these changes and government needs to take these cuts off the table as well.

"We must be working on these issues more broadly and a review is a good place to start," Senator Siewert concluded.


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