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Australian Greens will reintroduce bill to increase Newstart and Youth Allowance


The Australian Greens will reintroduce legislation to increase the single rate of Newstart and Youth Allowance by $75 a week in the second half of 2018. 

“It is time we stopped leaving struggling Australians behind and for Newstart to be increased to a level where jobseekers can live with some dignity. 

“As demonstrated in the Federal Budget on Tuesday, the Government has clearly abandoned people trying to survive on Newstart and Youth Allowance. 

“We are a kind and generous nation and to leave Australians trying to find a job languishing well below the poverty is a national shame. 

“People are skipping meals and struggling to keep a roof over their head on the stagnant support payment that has stubbornly not increased simply because of a lack of political will. 

“There is consensus from economists and social services organisations that an increase to the payment will be benefit the wellbeing of jobseekers whilst stimulating the economy. Failure to do so drives inequality. 

“Government politicians in recent weeks either refused to answer whether they themselves could live off the meagre rate or refused to give it a go for a week when they claimed they could. 

“Rather than pretending the rate is okay it is time for them to do the right thing and support the Greens bill to increase the payment”.

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