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Australian Greens Welcome NDIS Inquiry to Hobart


The Australian Greens have spoken about the importance of a NDIS, as hearings for the scheme's legislation take place in Hobart today.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme legislation will provide essential support and assistance for Australians living with a disability and give individuals greater capacity to have control over the choice of care and support they receive. It is important, transformative reform.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson believes that having Tasmania as a national launch site for NDIS was a positive step for Tasmanians living with a disability.

“From July this legislation will allow Tasmanians with disabilities the security, choice and dignity they deserve when it comes to health care.

“This inquiry will help to ensure Parliament gets the scheme right from day one.”

West Australian Senator Rachel Siewert is Deputy Chair of the Committee Inquiry into the legislation.

“Providing long-term care and support for all Australians with disabilities has been a long standing issue for the Greens. I am glad that the Committee has had the chance to come to Tasmania as part of the Inquiry into the legislation.

“So far the evidence is indicating strong in-principle support for the NDIS but it is obvious from evidence to the inquiry that some amendments to the BIll will be needed to ensure a strong and effective NDIS.

“It is important that all the states and territories are included in the consultation process around this legislation. Having the states and territories are on board means that the care and support offered under the scheme is consistent around the country and people will not have to move in order to get better support.

“I hope that all MPs see the value of this legislation for Tasmania and the country and work productively to deliver it,” Senator Siewert concluded. 

The inquiry has been to Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Geelong, Melbourne & Canberra. Almost 800 individuals and organisations have submitted evidence to the Inquiry.


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