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Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert responds to the review of the Stronger Future Act in the Northern Territory

 “It is hugely concerning that a review of Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory claims the Act has been largely successful despite a lack of evidence and availability of data.

“To review an Act that we know largely takes away autonomy for vulnerable Aboriginal communities without proper consultation is not good enough. 

“The study was a desk top analysis, of the few stakeholders consulted, 7 of the 11 stakeholders consulted were Commonwealth or NT Government departments, and one was Outback Stores, an entity established by the Government. This raises questions that I will take to estimates next week. 

“The scope of the review was to assess a reduction in alcohol related harm, the granting of land and individual rights, the promotion of developing economies in community areas and town camps, and promoting greater food security. 

“In assessing alcohol related harm, the review said that there was insufficient data, when assessing increased food security, the review said outcomes were not quantifiable. Lacking evidence of improvements in two of the big key areas should not result in it being assessed as largely successful.

“I will be following this up in detail during estimates”. 

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