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The Australian community deserves regulation that protects their best interests

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 17 Dec 2015

The Australian Greens are concerned at news reports that regulators may not be appropriately regulating food derived from new genetic modification techniques. Australian regulators need to ensure Australia's legislation is applied appropriately, and that there's strong regulation to protect the best interests of the Australian community.

"The Government are already trying to change the board of our food standards regulator, in a way that could give more influence to industry rather than public health experts and consumer advocates, said Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Agriculture

"It is important that we understand the impacts of new technology and any potential risks. Our regulators should act in the best interests of the Australian community, based on rigorous analysis of the evidence. There should be no free pass for industry, and where appropriate new technologies need to fall under existing regulation.

"I have used Senate Estimates to seek information from FSANZ about their work in this area, and I will continue to make sure our regulators are accountable, and doing their best to protect the interests of the Australian public. I will be following up this issue in estimates in February next year.

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