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Australia wants action, not talk on whaling

The Australian Greens today said the Federal Government should commence legal action against Japanese whaling in an international court.

"The Greens welcome Foreign Minister Smith's recent comments that the option of undertaking legal action against Japanese whaling is still available, but this needs to be started now, and not down the track when Environment Minister's diplomatic relations fail," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

"Minister Garrett has committed to a six-week expedition to research non-lethal whale research, and yet he will not make any movements on resuming monitoring Japanese whaling activity in Antarctic waters."

"Australia's joint Southern Ocean research program with New Zealand is aimed at showing that whaling research does not need to be lethal. Who is Minister Garrett kidding? The world is well aware that the 'scientific research' being undertaken by Japan is a farcical cover-up of commercial whaling operations," said Senator Siewert.

"On top of this, recent research has revealed that the Norwegian and Japanese governments are providing commercial whalers with huge economic incentives and subsidies, despite growing public outcry over the horrific industry of harvesting whales."

"I call on the Australian Government to start legal action in an international court against Japanese whaling, and send a strong message to the world," she concluded.

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