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Any consultation for a proposed cashless welfare card in Port Hedland must be with actual income support recipients

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said income support recipients must be properly consulted in Port Hedland by local, state and federal Governments if the cashless welfare card is being considered.

“We’ve heard both the Mayor of Hedland and Member for the Pilbara suggest the cashless welfare card could be rolled out in Port Hedland, but neither of them will be on the card themselves”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“In East Kimberley and Ceduna trial sites, different levels of Government said there had been ‘consultation’ on the card, but this didn't included income support recipients who were forced to use the card. Nor was the Government consulting members of the community in Geraldton when they tried to bring it in there.

“We have already seen the Federal Government use premature and anecdotal data to spruik an extended roll-out, you have to ask whether it is fair that the Port Hedland community become a faux-trial site where Government is going to push the card out regardless of the impacts. 

“I urge the community in Port Hedland to carefully look at any information the Government might give them because it is obvious from their so called ‘Progress Report’ that they try to put a positive spin on data”.

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