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ANAO audit finds Human Services Quality Framework “less than effective”

An ANAO audit has found that the Department of Human Services has been “less than effective” in designing and implementing a Quality Framework that achieves its strategic purpose of a consistent and integrated approach to delivering quality services.

“It’s hardly a revelation that the Department of Human Services is “less than effective” at delivery of integrated and quality services, but ANAO has effectively confirmed what people depending on their services have been saying for a long time.  

 “Just a week ago at Estimates we heard that complaints to the department about Centrelink had risen from 68,000 last year to 237,000.  Nearly half of complaints were about long waits and lack of timely updates on claims.

“There were almost 48 million unanswered calls to Centrelink last year. This is not consistent, integrated or quality service.

“It’s frankly infuriating that we can’t even get the basics right – someone on the end of the line or at the office able to assist people in a timely manner with their claims. It’s really not too much to ask.

“We need services that work, but we really need to get back to focusing on the basics – like staffing call centres with permanent departmental staff.

“How can we implement a “Quality Framework” when people can’t even get in touch with Centrelink. When pensioners and students are waiting months and months to get their payments processed?

The ANAO report can be found here

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