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All I Want for World Environment Day is….

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 4 Jun 2006

"With a third of mammal species in Australia's arid regions now extinct, the 2006 Desertification theme for World Environment Day is highly appropriate. Australia has an appalling record on endangered and threatened species. Dealing with this issue has to be the top of the wish list this year".


Australian Greens Environment spokesperson, Senator Siewert, today called for urgent action on desertification – serious land degradation in arid and semi arid regions – in the lead up to World Environment Day this Monday June 5th.


"When you are dealing with the environmental complacency of the Howard government, a long wish list seems inevitable.  They could start by protecting the endangered species of our desert regions.


Other priorities include:

  • Protection of Barrow Island and its 24 threatened species and sub species
  • Taking decisive legal action to protect whales
  • An end to deep sea trawling – mining our ocean has got to stop
  • Proper investment in renewable energy as a viable alternative
  • An end to the mining of toxic substances such as uranium


"I challenge Mr Howard to take this idea on board - the bottom line every time has got to be our environment – without it we've got nothing."


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