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Rachel Siewert 23 Feb 2011

Community Affairs 23 February 2011

CHAIR—Thank you, Doctor. The last question in this section is on alcopops.

Senator SIEWERT—Alcopops and the funding program. Last time we were here for estimates the consultation process had just gone out for the sponsorship fund, and I am just wondering about the time line for that. If it is going to take a long time, maybe you could put it on notice so I do not get in too much trouble.

Ms Harman—Yes, the consultation process has concluded. There has been pretty good interest in that. I think we had 41 submissions. The process is now to transition that program to the preventive agency. We are in the process of discussing that with Dr Galbally. I do not have a definitive time frame.

Senator SIEWERT—Then could you take on notice the time frame for that and how it is going to start rolling out and when you expect the time frame to start rolling out so the fund becomes operational? The other two programs that were part of the alcopops funding package that we have been discussing on and off through estimates—could you also provide an update on those programs on notice?

Ms Harman—Very happy to.

Senator SIEWERT—Thank you.

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