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Affordable housing campaign hits the mark

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 27 Mar 2007

"First home buyers have been left behind by Government subsidies that see 80% of the $24 billion directly and indirectly spent on housing going to tax breaks for speculators, developers and investors," said Senator Siewert today.

"This has helped pump up the housing bubble, making buying your own home too expensive for many Australian families."

Greens Housing spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert congratulated the organisers of the 'Australians for Affordable Housing' campaign launch this morning.

"This taxpayer-funded boom in real estate speculation has seen affordability race out of reach for people on low and middle incomes," said Senator Siewert.

"Now at least 400,000 Australian households are facing a 'housing crisis' - where they are spending more than 50% of their income on housing.

"Government policy seems geared toward investors at the expense of people actually looking for a home. First home buyers dropped from 67% of the market in 1977 to 23% in 2002," she said.

"The Greens support a rebalancing of tax policy to shift support toward public and community housing and rent assistance and to increase the number of Australians who can afford their own home."

"The 'Australians for Affordable Housing' campaign suggests a broad range of sensible ways to redress the imbalance," said Senator Siewert. "I hope the Government is listening."

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