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Addressing dangerously low aged care staffing has to be a Government priority

“I’m sure that anyone watching the Four Corners Report on aged care last night was deeply distressed by what they saw and heard.

“What was clear from the Four Corner report, is that not only is the abuse and neglect outlined deeply distressing for older Australians and their families but that staff are also in extreme distress at not being able to provide the care they want” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Ageing said today.

“There are staffing issues across the board – we urgently need to improve staffing levels, we need to mandate a minimum standard of training and ensure that staff numbers are appropriate for the specific needs of every aged care resident. It is clear that ratios are needed to ensure proper care.

“Insufficient training and staff numbers was key issues leading to poor care and neglect of people in nursing homes highlighted by Four Corners last night.

“All aged care facilities have to be accountable for the care they provide. They are receiving government funding and they need to deliver the care they are paid to deliver.

“The Royal Commission will be an important opportunity for older Australians and their families who have experienced neglect and abuse to be heard.

“But we cannot wait until after the Royal Commission for action, as we saw last night, there are people suffering now. There needs to be action now."

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