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ACOSS Jobactive survey: Greens expect more shocking examples in Jobactive Inquiry 

The ACOSS Jobactive survey released today is further evidence of the urgent need to overhaul the jobactive program and raise Newstart.

“Our employment framework is punitive and demeaning. We have one of the harshest compliance regimes and activity requirements for people looking for work, and yet we spend less than half the OECD average on employment assistance and services, Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“The Greens secured a senate inquiry in the jobactive regime and we will soon be hearing first hand from people who have been subjected to this unfair and punitive job compliance framework and the impact it has had on their lives.

“Of course people are anxious and stressed. Not only are the jobs simply not there, they are living in poverty on Newstart at just $38 a day.

“Conservative figures show that there is only one job available for every 8 applicants who are unemployed or under-employed.  

“The Coalition is focused on punishing people simply for accessing our social safety net.

“Mr Morrison’s hollow statement that “if you have a go, you get a go” is ridiculous and is more of the Coalition trite nonsense. The jobs aren’t there and the ones that are available are more often casual and insecure.

“This Greens bill to raise Newstart by $75 a week which has not been increased since 1994 will be debated when Parliament resumes in October.”

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