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The Australian Greens have consistently demonstrated our commitment to the abolition of the ABCC over the last 5 years, including through the following actions inside and outside the parliament:

  • Opposed the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act in the Senate in 2005;
  • Moved to disallow the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Regulations and used the opportunity to highlight the harsh impact the laws were having on building workers in 2005;
  • Took an explicit policy to repeal the BCII Act and abolish the ABCC to the 2007 election;
  • Introduced a Private Senator's  Bill to repeal the BCII Act in its entirety in 2008;
  • Re-iterated our strong position that the ABCC must be abolished in Senate Committee reports on our legislation and the government's current amendment Bill in 2008 and 2009;
  • Moved a motion noting the recent ILO report on the ABCC and calling on the Government to abolish the ABCC in 2010; and
  • Numerous press releases and public speeches calling for abolition of ABCC.

We have not wavered from our position that the BCII Act is undemocratic and the Australian Greens remain the only party to consistently argue that building and constructions workers should not be subject to special laws and coercive powers. We have never denigrated building and construction workers by calling for a "strong cop on the beat" to justify the use of these unnecessary coercive powers.

In the next Parliament, we are prepared to do what we can to ensure the ABCC is abolished, including by re-introducing our Private Senator's Bill.

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