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Government must ensure Jobseeker remains above the poverty line

"I am disappointed that the Government has continued to deny reports of plans to permanently increase the rate of Jobseeker come September" Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services said today. 

"There are over 1.6 million people currently receiving Jobseeker. It cannot be Government policy for them to live below the poverty line on a payment of $40 a day. It needs to reassure people that this won't happen." 

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Labour force participation rates for people with disability have remained static for the past 20 years despite Disability Employment Services receiving $800million annual funding 

The ANAO have released their report, Management of Agreements for Disability Employment Services which indicates clear concerns around elevations frameworks to measure the success of a program that receives $800million in funding per year and which was recently “reformed”. 


"The ANAO has found that the Department of Social Services did not develop an evaluation framework to measure the success of the DES reforms. 


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Greens welcome Labor’s support for Royal Commission into Robodebt 

A Royal Commission will ensure we know the full truth of what happened with robodebt including before 2015.  
“The Government has clearly demonstrated they are not going to hand over this information willingly and will continue to hide behind “public interest immunity claims” or claims that they have no “duty of care”, Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said. 
“This is why it's so important to have a Royal Commission, we need to understand what happened and make sure it never happens again.

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A Royal Commission will ensure we know the full truth of what happened with robodebt including before 2015 

“I am very disappointed that the Government and Labor combined to vote down my motion in the Senate today calling for a Royal Commission into robodebt”, Senator Rachel Siewert said. 
“We need a judicial review so we can find out exactly who knew what and when and for how long. There needs to be a forensic audit of every debt including those before 2015.
“We need to know how many debts were raised, exactly how people have been impacted and what those debts were worth as well as the interest the Government has charged people. 

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Senate supports motion calling on Prime Minister to withdraw his comments on slavery properly apologise and engage in a genuine process of truth telling about Australia’s history 

I am pleased that the Senate has supported the Greens motion acknowledging the true history of Australia which despite what the Prime Minister might say includes slavery, indentured labour and stolen wages. 
“The Prime Minister’s comments last week in regards to slavery were outrageous and I don’t believe he has properly apologised or engaged with the heart of the matter. 
“Rather than perpetuating false history of this nation, the Australian Government needs to make a concerted effort of truth telling for all Australians, including new Australians.

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PM’s so-called apology is pathetic and a complete failure to take responsibility


“The PM’s so-called apology in Parliament yesterday failed to show empathy and recognise the pain and trauma that the robodebt program caused to hundreds of thousands of Australians.

“This Government relentlessly pursed people for years in the full knowledge that they were targeting vulnerable people for savings. 

“I would apologise for any hurt or harm in the way that the government has dealt with that issue,” does not cut it, the PM clearly doesn’t get how much hurt and grief robodebt has caused.

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Government and Labor combine to block sending Aboriginal Heritage issues to Senate Environment and Communications References Committee

Government and Labor have taken a ‘bipartisan’ approach to send the issues of Aboriginal Heritage and the destruction of First Nations culture and land for mining projects to the Government led Northern Australia Committee when they had the option to support a more comprehensive referral of the issue to the Environment and Communications Committee where the Greens and Labor have the majority.

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PM fails as National Cabinet dodges deaths in custody

Scott Morrison’s refusal to make First Nations deaths in custody a standing agenda item at National Cabinet shows his words to be hollow, the Greens have said, pushing for it to become a standing agenda item for state and federal leaders with strict timeframes to reform the country’s criminal laws. 
“The Prime Minister can give a million passionate speeches in parliament about deaths in custody, but while he refuses to take action they’re nothing more than crocodile tears," Australian Greens Leader, Adam Bandt said today.

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