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ABARE deliver another biased GE report

The Australian Greens today outlined their concerns over ABARE's handling of the economic costs of Genetically Engineered crops in Australia.

"This is nothing but another in a long line of biased reports from ABARE. As usual, ABARE are relying heavily upon industry data," said Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

"We are being told about a 10% productivity increase with the use of GE canola, but this figure is nothing more than an assumption, averaged out from various field trials and commercial studies. A more evidence based RIRDC report published in 2005 shows that no individual Australian farmers will be better off with GM."

"This report has no critical analysis of the larger impact GE crops could have on our agricultural sector and the environment. By failing show both sides of the debate, ABARE are showing their bias for the supposed benefits of GE crops."

"This report is fundamentally flawed by failing to take into account markets that refuse to take GE products, such as Europe and increasingly Japan," said Senator Siewert.

"There is clearly a large sector of the Australian public who are against genetic engineering, and yet this report is insisting that we jump headlong into GE crops."

"We need to be informed about the negatives associated to GE just as much as the positives. There are serious concerns surrounding the use of GE crops in this country that cannot be swept aside by obviously biased groups such as ABARE," she concluded.

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