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2013 an achievable and necessary target for constitutional recognition

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 21 Jan 2012

The Australian Greens said today claims that the deadline for a referendum on constitutional recognition had shifted were misleading.

"The Expert Panel did not set a timeline for holding a referendum but neither did they recommend a delay," said Senator Rachel Siewert, spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues, and a Panel member.

"We should build on the momentum generated by the Expert Panel process and develop a timeline for a referendum.

"The national discussion has started and needs to keep going with a view to holding a referendum either in the first half of 2013 or with the election.

"This is an important opportunity for the development of our nation and we mustn't waste it," Senator Siewert said.

You can link here to the Greens-Labor agreement signed on 1 September 2010.


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