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150 reasons why $150 is not enough

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 11 Nov 2020

The Greens say the Government are giving with one hand and taking with the other on Jobseeker.

The Greens condemn the Government's apparent decision to decrease the Coronavirus supplement by a further $100 and call on the Government to increase JobSeeker permanently so that it is above the poverty line.  
"It is cruel and dehumanising to keep pushing people further into poverty at Christmas time by taking the JobSeeker supplement even further below the poverty line", Senator Rachel Siewert said. 
This decision is purely ideological. It is not fair and does not make economic sense and it is extremely harmful for our communities.
Let’s be clear, the Government is making the decision to push over a million people people into poverty. 
Short-term measures and cuts in the middle of a recession and a pandemic leave people in limbo, increasing their anxiety and stress and affecting their capacity to plan for the future. 
I am very concerned about housing stress and people being able to pay their rents and mortgages when JobSeeker is cut. 

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