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Genuine representation and self-determination is key to a reconciled nation

This Reconciliation Week the Australian Greens are calling on the Government to begin their term with a commitment to First Nations peoples to address Australia’s unfinished business, close the gap and achieve justice for First Nations peoples.

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said a commitment to self-determination must be at the heart of closing the gap, and that this approach has been sadly lacking.

“I congratulate Minister Wyatt on being appointed Minister for Indigenous Australians.

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Major parties are failing Australians on Newstart and denying them dignity

The Australian Greens are calling on the major parties to lift their game when it comes to increasing Newstart and addressing poverty in Australia.

"It is despicable that both major parties are prepared to leave people living in poverty, while they either tell us about a “review” or make up nonsense about so –called supplementary payments, Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community services said today.

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Greens have serious concerns for mental health services as South West transitions to the NDIS

The Greens are calling on the Federal Government to guarantee that people in the South West continue to have access to quality mental health services during the transition to the NDIS.

“After visiting providers and stakeholders in the South West I have serious concerns about funding for and access to mental health services with the roll out of the NDIS for people who are currently on Commonwealth funded services,” Senator Rachel Siewert said.

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Greens call on major parties to deliver a plan for aged care

The Greens are calling on the major parties to present a comprehensive plan for the aged care sector before the 18th of May.

“With the Royal Commission hearings during an election campaign the major parties should be called to account on what they have to offer older Australians and their families this election, but all we have seen is piecemeal offering from both sides,” Australian Greens spokesperson on Ageing Senator Rachel Siewert said.

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This election is a chance to send a message the regions shouldn’t be taken for granted: Greens

The Greens (WA) have today pitched to voters in Kalgoorlie that this election is a chance to use their vote to send a message to the major parties that their vote can’t be taken for granted.

“People living in regional areas such as Kalgoorlie need a representative in Parliament that puts community first, not their big donors,” Greens Senator for WA  Rachel Siewert said.

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Anglicare Australia releases Rental Affordability Snapshot shows politicking on raising Newstart is leaving people homeless

The Australian Greens said today Anglicare Australia’s Rental Affordability Snapshot once again demonstrates the urgent need for an increase to Newstart and Youth Allowance.

“I’m not at all surprised that Anglicare found that no properties in any capital city or regional centre were affordable for a single person on Youth Allowance or Newstart, I’ve been talking about this, as has the sector for over a decade,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson on Families and Community Services said.

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