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Australia stopped whaling in 1978 and since then has opposed those countries that flout the International Whaling Commission ban on commercial whaling through "scientific" whaling. 

Despite this strong stance, Australian governments have not defended Australia's waters and Antarctic waters from whaling operations as strongly as they could. The Greens have introduced legislation that would require the government to monitor whaling in and near our waters and would ban any Australian help to whaling operations.

Antarctica is the world's last great wilderness area. Relatively untouched save scientific exploration the continent provides an unparalleled source of information on our climate and health of our oceans.

But the dangers to this pristine environment are mounting from increasing tourist numbers, its potential mineral wealth and military interest. The Greens believe that a world heritage listing for Antarctica would recognise its special place in the world and give it an extra layer of protection.


Australia hosts World Parks Congress as Government fails on marine protection

12 Nov 2014

The Australian Greens said today it is ironic that Australia is hosting the World Parks Congress when our Government has torn down our world leading system of marine parks.


Abbott left in Obama's wake as US acts on ocean conservation

18 Jun 2014

The United States has taken further lead on climate, science and conservation with President Barack Obama using his executive powers to declare additional marine protected areas and increasing research funds for monitoring ocean acidification as part of push to deal with the impacts of pollution, climate change, and overfishing in our oceans.


Marine park management plans need immediate reinstatement

07 Feb 2014

The Australian Greens said today that new research on marine parks highlights deep flaws in the Federal Government's decision to dump management plans for marine protected areas.


Senate backs Greens motion as whaling case commences in ICJ

26 Jun 2013

The Senate has backed an Australian Greens motion recognising the start of legal action in the International Court of Justice against Japanese whaling and urging the Government to ensure any resources needed to enforce a positive ruling are provided.


National Whale Day Blog

01 Jun 2013

Today is National Whale Day, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have released a new report showing the increasing impact that human activity is having on whales and the need for better marine protection.


Woodside withdrawal from James Price Point – could signal a big win for Western Australia

11 Apr 2013

Reports that Woodside is shelving its planned Browse gas project at James Price Point could signal a big win for the Kimberley and the environment alike, the Greens said today.


Barnett and Woodside cling to obsolete plan to wreck James Price Point while industry leaders move on

09 Apr 2013

Woodside and Colin Barnett's plan to wreck James Price Point is looking increasingly obsessive as leading companies turn their backs on obsolete onshore processing, the Greens said today.


Injunction needed as whaling fleet returns to the hunt

04 Mar 2013

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson says the Government must seek an immediate injunction against the Japanese whaling fleet, amid reports they have changed course and are now heading south, presumably to try and recommence whaling.


Japanese Minister debunks whaling ‘research’ myth

27 Feb 2013

The Australian Greens said today that the Japanese Fisheries Minister, Yoshimasa Hayash’s comments on his country’s whaling program have ended any pretence it based on scientific research.

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