Mining and Resources

The Australian Greens want a strong and diverse economy that sets us up for the long term and does not undermine our environment and the wellbeing of our communities.

The Greens want our future energy needs to be met using renewable energy. Continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels such coal and coal seam gas is destroying our environment, risking our food security, skewing the economy and affecting local communities.

Senior Treasury officials have refuted industry spin about job creation and the claims that the benefits of the mining boom are universal.

The Greens are taking action in the community and in the Parliament with bills to strengthen our national laws to protect our precious water resources, farmland, rural communities and environment from the impacts of rapacious mining.

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Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility draft criteria ignore cultural, environmental and social impacts

09 Nov 2015

The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility criteria, released by the Turnbull Government today, fail to rule out the $5 billion facility becoming a slush fund for big mining companies.


Estimates reveals uncertainty over the future of Landcare & NRM

20 Nov 2013

The Australian Greens said today that Senate Estimates has confirmed the huge uncertainty that hangs over the future of Landcare, natural resource management, drought prevention and sustainable agriculture programs.


Landcare & NRM at Senate Estimates

19 Nov 2013

Recent Government announcements have cast doubt on funding for Lancare and NRM.


Emerging Threats

18 Jul 2013 | 12:00 am

Senators Scott Ludlam and Rachel Siewert would like to invite you to a public meeting with Senator Larissa Waters talking about the dangers associated with coal seam gas, uranium and coal mining.


Put mining tax on the table to raise revenue

30 Apr 2013

The Australian Greens call on the Prime Minister to explain why she has put all options on the table to raise revenue except the most obvious one - the mining tax.


Woodside withdrawal from James Price Point – could signal a big win for Western Australia

11 Apr 2013

Reports that Woodside is shelving its planned Browse gas project at James Price Point could signal a big win for the Kimberley and the environment alike, the Greens said today.


Barnett and Woodside cling to obsolete plan to wreck James Price Point while industry leaders move on

09 Apr 2013

Woodside and Colin Barnett's plan to wreck James Price Point is looking increasingly obsessive as leading companies turn their backs on obsolete onshore processing, the Greens said today.


No good time for Kangaroo Island seismic testing

21 Nov 2012

Following positive environmental decisions on marine parks and the super trawler, the Australian Greens are pushing to have Environment Minister Tony Burke prove good things come in threes by stepping in to save Kangaroo Island's precious marine environment.


Joint press conference on the super trawler and mining royalties

11 Sep 2012

The Greens responded to the Government's announcement to stall the super trawler, congratulated the community's work and called for toughening the law against super trawlers

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