Australia has unique and internationally renowned marine and coastal environments which need protection to ensure their long term protection and the ongoing viability of sustainable industries. The Montara oil spill, Gulf of Mexico disaster and shipping accident and spill at Christmas Island highlight ongoing threats to our marine environment. 

In addition to their unparalleled ecological value, our marine assets are the backbone of our tourism and sustainable fishing industries and are iconic to the way of life of millions of Australians. The Greens are committed to ensuring healthy marine environments for future generations. 


Greens seek Federal examination of WA proposal to destroy sharks

05 Oct 2012

Australian Greens spokesperson on marine and fisheries issues, Senator Rachel Siewert, has asked the Federal Government to look at the WA Government proposal to destroy sharks off WA’s coast.


Greens welcome doubts over summer whale hunt

26 Sep 2012

The Australian Greens have welcomed reports that the Japanese whale hunt in the Southern Ocean may not go ahead this summer.


Joint press conference on the super trawler and mining royalties

11 Sep 2012

The Greens responded to the Government's announcement to stall the super trawler, congratulated the community's work and called for toughening the law against super trawlers


Greens to insert ban in supertrawler legislation

11 Sep 2012

The Australian Greens will take action in both Houses of Parliament to permanently ban the supertrawler from Australian waters.


Greens reiterate need for super trawler ban

11 Sep 2012

The Australian Greens have reiterated calls for a ban on super trawlers in Australian waters.


Senate to vote on Greens' supertrawler disallowance

10 Sep 2012

A vote on the Australian Greens supertrawler disallowance motion will take place in the Senate today.


Montara fine inadequate

01 Sep 2012

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert says it is 'disappointing' that PTTEP, operator of the Montara oil rig, has been fined less than a third of the maximum penalty after pleading guilty to charges arising from the 2009 spill.


Montara guilty plea doesn’t end the chapter

30 Aug 2012

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert today welcomed PTTEP’s admission of guilt over the 2009 Montara oil spill.


Abbott turns to scare campaign on marine protection

24 Aug 2012

Tony Abbott is using scare tactics to undermine attempts to secure Australia’s marine environments for future generations.


Super-trawler headed for WA – with jumbo jet sized nets in tow

16 Aug 2012

The Australian Greens say the world’s second largest super-trawler, Margiris, will be an unwelcome visitor if reports it plans to make an unannounced stop in Western Australia next week are correct.

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