Family, Ageing, Community & Disability Services

We are committed to delivering a guaranteed adequate income to all Australians, so as to assure people have appropriate support. Accessible social services, community resources and income support are essential for ensuring everybody has access to quality health care, housing, employment, education and training. The Greens are committed to increasing Newstart Allowance and raising all income support payments to better reflect the cost of living.

The community and not-for-profit sector plays an important role in our society and Government needs to commit funding and support accordingly.

People who experience disability, and their families and carers deserve access to life-long support and services that meet their individual circumstances. They should have the opportunity to actively participate in planning and delivery of policies, services and supports in areas such as education, health, housing, mobility, employment and social engagement. The Greens are actively working to ensure all Australians have independence, self-determination and choice in their lives.


Government must acknowledge increase in demand when considering future funding for deafness services in Australia

07 Apr 2015

Greens spokesperson on Disability Senator Rachel Siewert said more must be done after supply clearly outstripped demand this year for Australian Hearing – who struggled to provide adequate services to those that require upgrades of Cochlear implants under inadequate funding.


Greens welcome consideration of review into retirement income

06 Apr 2015


Australian Greens spokesperson on Ageing Senator Rachel Siewert said today any review into retirement incomes must be thorough and not aimed just at getting a few of their unfair cuts through the Senate.


A lot of work still to be done on employment services in Australia

31 Mar 2015

The Greens agree that job services in Australia need to be improved, but hold concerns that the newly announced jobactive scheme misses the mark, with an emphasis on Work for the Dole likely to lead to negative outcomes for jobseekers. 


Labor fails to back Senate condemnation of punitive healthy welfare card

24 Mar 2015

Despite opposing the forced closure of remote communities in WA, Labor has failed to support Senator Siewert’s motion calling on the Government to abandon the healthy welfare card which could significantly impact those same communities.


Greens: Harsh changes to Social Security must be scrapped before the next budget

24 Mar 2015

With Treasurer Joe Hockey briefing the Coalition Party Room on the budget today, he should take the opportunity to abandon cruel social security measures such as those that hurt pensioners and people under 30, says Greens spokesperson on community services, Senator Rachel Siewert.


Change of indexation to CPI is a thinly veiled pension cut

15 Mar 2015

Australians won't be fooled by Government's new attempt to sell the cut to pensions, said Greens spokesperson for Ageing, Senator Rachel Siewert.


Senate calls on harsh earn or learn policy to be ‘dead buried and cremated’

05 Mar 2015

The Senate has today called on the Government to announce their Earn or Learn measure that would see young people denied payments for six months of the year as ‘dead, buried and cremated’.


Rachel talks on the Broadcasting and Other Legislation Amendment (Deregulation) Bill 2015

03 Mar 2015

I rise tonight to speak about the Broadcasting and Other Legislation Amendment (Deregulation) Bill 2015. This bill is just another item on the government's deregulation agenda.


The answers already exist, scrap six month wait for welfare assistance

02 Mar 2015

The Australian Greens said today the Social Services Minister, Mr Morrison, should immediately drop his controversial plan that will force young, unemployed Australians to wait six months for income support, saying they were too focused on punishing people rather than helping them to seriously consider alternatives


Government must act quickly to increase welfare payments

25 Feb 2015

Elements of The McClure Welfare Review will be causing concern for some of our most vulnerable, including young Australians and people with disability, said Greens Senator Rachel Siewert, spokesperson for social services.

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