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Ditching backdating of carers allowance is mean spirited and should be removed from the Omnibus Bill: Greens

Cutting the backdating of payments for people that receive Carers Allowance is a mean-spirited section of the Omnibus Bill that should be abandoned, Greens spokesperson on disabilities Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“When you have a bill that is hundreds of pages long that pulls $6 billion from so many areas, sometimes harsh cuts get buried in the detail, this rings true for the cut to Carers Allowance.

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National redress scheme for survivors of child sex abuse supported by Senate

The Senate has supported a motion calling on the Government to provide funding of last resort as part of a national redress scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse in institutional settings.

“For too many years, survivors of child abuse have suffered in silence, the Royal Commission was an important first step, but the Government must ensure that a national redress scheme is rolled out” , Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

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Omnicuts short change ARENA and Australia’s most vulnerable

Australian Greens Leader Senator Di Natale, Spokesperson for Community Services Senator Siewert and Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change Adam Bandt have spoken about the Omnibus bill outcome.

“Looks like the stitch up has well and truly been done, the dirty deal between the Labor Party and the Liberal Party to slash renewable energy funding and continue the attack on some of the most vulnerable people in the community,” Senator Di Natale said.

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Government must not use our most vulnerable to plug up the budget: Greens

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said there is a moral obligation not to use the proposed investment approach to income support to push people off the Carers Allowance.

“When we first heard that the Government wanted to implement the actuarial approach to income support as seen in New Zealand, I had a little hope tempered with cynicism.  Now it appears there is a clear intention to drive down the number of people on carers allowance just to balance the books.

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Greens will oppose cuts to Newstart in the budget

The Turnbull Government should abandon cuts to income support and keep the clean energy supplement before Parliament resumes tomorrow, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“For years I have been calling for successive Governments to substantially increase the Newstart allowance, which is woefully low and results in people living below the poverty line.

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Greens welcome ACTU commitment to mobilise against CDP

The ACTU’s commitment today to mobilise against the Government’s discriminatory Community Development Program has been welcomed by the Australian Greens.

“Just yesterday the ACTU made it clear they were taking steps to address the CDP, which is discriminatory and disproportionately hurts remote Aboriginal communities, as of today that commitment is formalised with a resolution.  

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