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The long-term sustainability of agriculture is essential for Australia’s society, economy and environment. Many threats are facing the sector, including climate change and competition for farm land. Rural Australia faces complex agricultural, environmental and social challenges that the Greens are strongly committed to addressing.


Woodside withdrawal from James Price Point – could signal a big win for Western Australia

11 Apr 2013

Reports that Woodside is shelving its planned Browse gas project at James Price Point could signal a big win for the Kimberley and the environment alike, the Greens said today.


Barnett and Woodside cling to obsolete plan to wreck James Price Point while industry leaders move on

09 Apr 2013

Woodside and Colin Barnett's plan to wreck James Price Point is looking increasingly obsessive as leading companies turn their backs on obsolete onshore processing, the Greens said today.


Proposed biosecurity bill fails Australian farmers and the environment

08 Feb 2013


The Australian Greens today released a letter sent to Minister Ludwig detailing our strong concerns about the backwardness of the Government's biosecurity bill.



WA’s food bowl isn’t delivering food security

15 Nov 2012

The Australian Greens say the plan to award a 50 year lease to Chinese corporation Shanghai Zhongfu is a disappointing result for the nation and WA.


Greens commit to a smart farming future

01 Nov 2012

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens Agriculture spokesperson has today helped launch the Centre For Policy Development’s new report “Farming Smarter, not Harder” at Parliament House.


Greens amendments ‘a win for farmers’

31 Oct 2012

The Australian Greens have secured important wins for farmers across the country following discussions with the Government over the Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill.


Greens’ recommendations strengthen Charities Bill

31 Oct 2012

 All of the Australian Greens’ recommendations from the Inquiry into the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission Bill have been delivered via amendmens in the final legislation that has passed through the Senate today.


Greens propose amendments to break wheat deadlock

24 Oct 2012

The Australian Greens are proposing amendments to break the ongoing political deadlock surrounding reforms to Australia’s wheat industry.


Tripartite support for foreign land ownership register an important first step

23 Oct 2012


The Australian Greens, who have long called for a register of foreign ownership of agricultural land, have called Prime Minister Gillard’s re-announcement today “an important step in protecting our national interest” and vowed to work with the government in implementing it.


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