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The long-term sustainability of agriculture is essential for Australia’s society, economy and environment. Many threats are facing the sector, including climate change and competition for farm land. Rural Australia faces complex agricultural, environmental and social challenges that the Greens are strongly committed to addressing.


Greens: We can’t expect to catch contaminated berries when the Government cuts funds

20 Feb 2015

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has slammed statements from the Prime Minister who reject changes to the system saying it was the responsibility of business not poision their customers and it was a 'balancing act' that did not impose unnecessary burdens on business.  


Action on climate change, not prayer the answer for drought

04 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens have called on the Federal Government to take meaningful action on climate change to combat the long term threat that drought poses to Australia's agricultural sector.


Biosecurity bill undermined by budget cuts

27 Nov 2014

The Australian Greens said today that Government’s efforts on biosecurity are undermined by their reckless budget cuts and lack of meaningful action on climate change.


Senate opposes move to collapse biosecurity operations

28 Oct 2014

The Senate has today backed an Australian Greens motion calling on the Government to rule out any push to integrate Australia's biosecurity operations into the new Australian Border Force Agency. 


Agricultural Green Paper misses the biggest threats faced by rural communities

20 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens said today they are shocked that the Federal Government's Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper doesn't address climate change, one of the biggest threats posed to the future of Australia's agriculture and rural communities.


Greens plan strong future for South West agriculture and food security

04 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens said today that the State and Federal Governments are failing to protect local industry and food security in the South West.


Greens back recommendations on grass-fed cattle levies

09 Sep 2014

Australian Greens Senators Rachel Siewert and Pete Whish-Wilson have supported the Senate Inquiry report into Industry structures and systems governing levies on grass-fed cattle, and tabled some additional comments to the Committee to address issues that will have long term bearings on the industry.


Greens urge cautious approach to developing Northern Australia

04 Sep 2014

The Australian Greens said today that we need to take a cautious approach to development in Northern Australia, saying a priority must be placed on protecting the region's people, environment and diverse economy.


Greens to oppose disallowance of mushroom, mango and onion levy changes

21 Aug 2014

The Australian Greens have announced that they will oppose moves to disallow increases and amendments to the levies paid by mushroom, mango and onion growers when the matter comes before the Senate next week.


WA to face 40% decrease in rainfall, as Tony Abbott moves to repeal the Clean Energy Package

14 Jul 2014

The Australian Greens said today that a new research paper pointing a severe drop in rainfall for Perth and the south west of the state shows the deep flaws in the Government's plan to abolish the clean energy package.

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