Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues

The Australian Greens acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s first peoples and recognise their strong cultural and spiritual connection with the land, and their rights and obligations as owners and custodians. We are committed to seeing these rights reflected in our laws and our society. All Australians, including those living in remote communities, have an equal right to essential government services such as health, education, training, housing, community infrastructure, employment support, and policing. We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must be partners in the development and implementation of policies, programs and services that affect them.

The Greens are concerned that Governments continue to overlook the important international agreements that recognise the rights of indigenous peoples and do not invest enough in efforts to bridge the gaps in many areas of our society. We are committed to seeing an end to the Northern Territory Intervention and Stronger Futures Legislation, delivering Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, compensating the Stolen Generations and improving the Native Title system. 


Literacy & Numeracy Week a time to consider Aboriginal hearing health

01 Sep 2012

The Australian Greens are using National Literacy and Numeracy Week to emphasise the need for investments which deliver strong learning outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children affected by disproportionately high rates of hearing loss.


Senate backs Greens call for commitment to otitis media

21 Aug 2012

The Senate has today recognised Hearing Awareness Week, acknowledging the need to tackle poor hearing health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.


Greens to examine funding for petrol sniffing programs

15 Aug 2012

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert will examine a federal government decision to end the provision of funding to three petrol sniffing programs during tomorrow’s Senate Inquiry into the Greens’ Low Aromatic Fuel Bill.



Overwhelming support for Low Aromatic Fuel at Alice Springs Inquiry Hearing

26 Jul 2012

The Australian Greens said today that there is overwhelming support for their Low Aromatic Fuel Bill which enables the Federal Government to mandate the supply of non sniffable fuel in declared areas.


The draft National Food Plan fails vulnerable Australians

23 Jul 2012

The Australian Greens said today the draft National Food Plan fails vulnerable Australians and does not address nutritional poverty and food stress.


Greens continue definitive action to improve Native Title

12 Jul 2012

Greens would welcome an opportunity to  meet with Warren Mundine, Chief Executive of Generation One, to discuss potential reforms to Native Title which would deliver important economic benefits to Traditional Owners.


NT wakes to sad news after Intervention laws pass the Senate

29 Jun 2012

The Government and Coalition have united to push the Stronger Futures legislation package, expanding the NT Intervention, through the Senate.


Greens to oppose NT Intervention expansion

28 Jun 2012

The Australian Greens will move to oppose Stronger Futures legislation expanding the Northern Territory Intervention in the Senate today.


Human rights examination of parenting and intervention laws is an important step

20 Jun 2012

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Joint Committee on Human Rights examination of the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Fair Incentives to Work) Bill 2012.


Anti Intervention campaign gathers further strength

18 Jun 2012

The Australian Greens have today accepted a petition against the expansion of the NT Intervention from a growing group of people opposed to the discriminatory regime.

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